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Saturday 18th September

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Ladies, it’s our time to shine!

It’s official. According to a recent study, in the last decade women have taken the reins, and we’re creating brand new wealth and abundance, along with amazing new lifestyles for the people we care about.

What am I talking about?

Over the last 80 years we’ve come from being second-rate citizens … and quietly seized control of our family’s wealth and investing decisions.

Today, women have taken over the lead role in buying and selling our homes, buying investment properties and renovating fast for profits.

Why Women Are Better Property Investors Than Men … (Sorry Guys)

And not only are we taking over, we’re usually ‘kicking arse’ at it too.


It’s hard to say for sure. However scientists believe men are better at processing data while women are better at putting ‘big picture’ concepts together.

And when it comes to creating wealth and cashflow, assembling the big picture and vision is where the big money is.

Women Of Property Is Your Shortcut.

We’ve put together this online conference exclusively for women, by women.

And it features many of my most successful students and teachers ever who all happen to be women.

You see, lots of people struggle to make money in real estate because they’ve been following the old system. And let’s face it, it’s a system which men came up with.

Many of the women you’ll hear from were in the same boat, until we came together and figured out how to go faster and make it easier.

And because we’ve done this, we’re in the perfect position to show you too.

This is why this FREE online summit gives you strategies which put you in control of your finances, your cashflow and protect your family.

Who Is The Women Of Property Summit For?

This summit is for you if …

  1. You want more cashflow and wealth in your life to create the lifestyle you always dreamt of. You can enjoy the rewards of having multiple sources of income constantly refilling your bank accounts
  2. You’re always stressed about money, and you want this paralysing fear to end by having multiple sources of income and a huge pool of assets at your disposal.
  3. Feeling stuck? Your best chapter might be coming, and it could be as a wealth creator instead of an employee. Don’t be a “house-wife” or someone’s “other half” … now is your time to shine.
  4. You want to call the shots in the off-chance your relationship breaks down. Without the correct plan, your husband’s new partner could end up with everything you’ve ever worked for. I hope it won’t happen, but if it does … “that bitch ain’t getting rich off your sweat”.
  5. You’re young and surrounded by people who think the best way to get money is to marry a rich schmuck. People even give this advice to their daughters. Give me a break! Never submit to a man for money … go get your own
  6. You’ve been told to follow the rules, but you know better. You know all the dumb ideas your financial advisor, accountant, even the men in your life don’t make sense … and you can do it better
  7. Ready to create a legacy and wealth which lasts generations? This event shows you how. And you’ll be the first of a long line of successful women, remembering you as the trailblazer for their success

Free 1 Day Online Women Of Property Summit


Saturday 18th September

9:30 AM TO 6:00 PM



Book today and you'll get these exciting wealth-creation bonuses when you attend

Value: $699 (Yours Free)

Why Are We Running This Free One Day Wealth Summit?

Many women like you find themselves trapped in a life where there’s never enough. And that’s a shame when there’s so much wealth around for you to tap into.

So in one day we’re giving you the tools and the education to turn this around. And to bring more wealth and cashflow your way.

We’re sharing with you secrets to attracting cashflow and wealth into your life by investing in property.

Be warned though, these are not ordinary ‘slow-lane’ strategies.

You’re going to discover ways to accelerate your earnings by manufacturing equity, increasing cashflow and doing it in the highest growth areas in the country.

Plus you’ll discover how to protect and control your assets so you’re in charge, and you’re calling the shots.

This Event Will Unlock The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams

You and I both know men don’t always understand money.

They focus on status symbols like the penthouse and the Ferrari.

They beat their chest when they hit a new milestone or buy a new toy.

And they almost forget about the big picture which is about…

Cashflow, Lifestyle And Security.

Men? They’re missing the point.

Cashflow, not paper wealth or status symbols is the main game.

That’s what gives you endless lifestyle options and the security you crave.

We don’t want to be rich on paper but live like a pauper.

Cashflow On Tap?

Imagine brand new streams of income which grow year after year.

If you’re like me, you’ll want money on tap when you need it.

You want to know your family will never miss out.

And you want everyone to be protected by making sure there’s always something there for emergencies, no matter what life throws at you.

That’s our job, right?

Money’s not there to spend recklessly on designer shoes, but to simply enjoy life and not take a sneaky glance at the price label when you go shopping.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you go to a restaurant, and you can eat whatever you like instead of checking the prices first.

Retire Him … Not The Other Way Around

Who says it’s a man’s job to help his wife retire?

You could be using these strategies to help him retire instead.

And when you’ve got a bank account where money is pouring into it from all directions, anything’s possible.

In fact, all our speakers have walked away from their jobs and into lives where a 9-5 job just doesn’t exist for them any more.

Imagine how great that’s going to feel!

They’re creating cashflow and they’ll never need a job again.

And that’s because they haven’t just created cashflow and regular monster paydays … their income is going up and up all the time.

Join this free one day event just for us women, and discover new ways to bring more cashflow into your life too.

You’ll discover how to attract wealth.

You’ll discover how to invest for cashflow.

And you’ll discover how to protect your wealth and your legacy for the people you love.

Free 1 Day Online Women Of Property Summit


Saturday 18th September

9:30 AM TO 6:00 PM



Introducing Your All Star Line-Up Of The Women Of Property Summit

Dymphna Boholt

“I Wanted To Replace My Income To Be There For My Kids. Becoming A Millionaire Was A Bonus”

Replacing my income was all about being there for my kids.

The millionaire status was just a bonus.

And that’s why I started on the journey which you’re starting.

A few years ago, I was a hard working accountant in Queensland. Then suddenly I found myself divorced and almost overnight I was a single mum of 3 young kids.

And I was letting them down badly. It hurt.

Every day was the same. I’d drop them off at daycare the moment it opened, and rush back in time to pick them up before closing time.

It hurt, but that gave me the fuel and the motivation to do better.

Who Am I … And Why Should You Listen To Me?

Here’s why you should listen to me.

I’m a retired accountant, qualified economist, full-time real estate investor, author of 5 books, founder of the iLoveRealEstate Community (with 10,167 paid members) and mother of 3 children.

I’m is also a speaker and trainer, and I’ve spoken on stage with the likes of former US president Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki (a.k.a. Rich Dad) and Tony Robbins.

But there’s an even more important reason to listen to me.

I’ve Been Where You Are, And I’ve Solved Many Of The Problems You’re Having

Becoming the mum I wanted to be was going to take money. There was no other option because I couldn’t free up my time until I’d replaced my income.

So I started obsessively studying property investing. And I built a $3.5 million portfolio from scratch in just 18 months.

More importantly, my portfolio gave me the income I needed to walk away from my accounting business.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I pulled my kids out of daycare and became a full-time investor and mother.

Soon, people starting asking me for advice and I began sharing my journey with other people.

And today I run the largest community of real estate investors in Australia.

I Know What You (Women) Want - Income Replacement, Correct? And That’s Why I’ll Be Sharing This With You …

  • How to create a cash-rich property portfolio, just like the one I created to replace my income in 18 months.

  • The property Super Cycle which has predicted every boom and bust since 1909 … and how to ride the next Super Cycle to potentially create even more wealth and cashflow sooner

  • How investors have created capital gains of $30,000 in 4 weeks … $40,000 in 8 weeks … and even $120,000 in 7 weeks. Even works in a flat market

  • Invest without borrowing - Tell the bank to “shove it ” and break free from being their debt slave forever

  • How to shield your wealth and spare your family from losing everything you own. Even your own home is at risk

  • How to control how your family’s wealth is split up after you’re gone. You might think you’re covered, but in reality everything you have is at risk

  • You could slash your retirement plans in half, maybe even less, with this unique GVA growth hack system

  • Do this BEFORE your next investment. A couple of bits of paper, a few hundred bucks and you could protect yourself from a million dollar lawsuit

Bonus Session: “Don’t Let A Divorce Steal Your Kids’ Future Wealth”

Hey, it’s a reality we all need to face. It’s something we never like to think about, but if the SH*T hits the fan, it’s too late and we can’t undo it.

I’m talking about what happens if your relationship ends, or when you pass away (touch wood).

And it’s best to be prepared in advance because as they say, prevention is better than the cure.

It’s sad to say, but I’m not going to mince my words.

Taxes, governments, the legal system, even new partners and their children can get their hands on everything you’ve worked blood, sweat and tears for.

And everything you planned to pass onto your children can be snatched away, leaving nothing left for them.

There’s no way that’s fair.

And there’s no way any new partner or their kids are getting their hands on what you slaved away for.

“S%#T Happens, What Will You Do When Everything Is Snatched Away From You, And You Were POWERLESS To Stop It?”

And worse still, if you’ve got a will, it’s almost certain that it’s written so badly it could rob your children of everything you’ve set aside for them.

That’s right, your kids could literally get nothing after you’ve gone, even if you’ve planned the opposite.

So in this bonus session, I talk candidly and openly about what happens after your passing, or if you wind up divorced or separated.

And how you could secure your children’s up in a fortress which nobody can get to other than them.

I’ll show you how to get total control over your assets now, and for decades into the future.

And how to secure your legacy with wealth which passes from generation to generation.

Free 1 Day Online Women Of Property Summit


Saturday 18th September

9:30 AM TO 6:00 PM



Narelle Cosstick

The Agent Laughed At Me When I Told Him How I Was Replacing My Income …

When Narelle told her real estate agent about her plans to replace her income, he laughed at her.

He said it wouldn’t work. He told me he felt sorry for me.

In fact he told me it was probably illegal.

What would he know, right?

She knew it wasn’t illegal, and that it would work because other people had done it too.

Fast forward to today and Narelle’s the one laughing at her former real estate agent as she creates big paydays and brand new sources of income.

Former Accountant Transforms Her Family’s Lifestyle With This Unique Cashflow Strategy

Before 2010 Narelle and her husband were typical of most investors, losing money hand over fist every month watching their investments slowly creep up in value.

Before 2010 Narelle and her husband were typical of most investors, losing money hand over fist every month watching their investments slowly creep up in value.

And every dollar they forked out felt like a knife digging in deeper as they desperately hoped one day their lives would actually improve.

Talk about soul destroying.

Narelle Was In Deep Trouble … And Needed A Solution FAST

Narelle and her husband flipped their approach upside down. They discovered a way to invest which put cash in their pockets on a regular basis, and where they also pocketed massive paydays.

Some if her early deals netted her profits of $58,000 … $25,000 and $43,000 without spending a cent of her own money and without ever owning the property.

She’s has done deals which put $31,376 and $40,948 a year in her pocket. Just those two deals are worth the average Aussie wage.

You Could Be 2 Deals Away From Replacing Your 9-5 Income

In fact, it won’t be long before working your 9-5 job is costing you money because you’d do more deals even faster if you freed up your time.

And you’ll have an absolute blast doing them.

Take a look at some more of Narelle’s amazing results.

Here’s some of what Narelle will show you …

  • How Narelle and her husband made $58,000 – without putting a cent of their own money into the deal

  • Country town profits – why you don’t need to spend mega-bucks in the big cities to do this. One deal Narelle shows you makes her a $31,376 a year income from a tiny farming town in Victoria. It’s proof you really can do this anywhere.

  • Can you really pocket $40,948 extra income? Narelle did, and she’ll show you how she set the whole deal up.

  • How Sharon, one of Narelle’s students has made a $50,000 a year income on a project she got done fast

  • Narelle’s 3 golden rules of cash-flow investing. Follow these simple rules and it’s almost certain you’ll be on your way to replacing your income in no time flat

  • How to invest without a deposit … or without the banks. Even if you don’t have any money to get started, this strategy puts wealth and cashflow within your reach.

  • The best … and the worst types of properties to buy over the next decade

  • The #1 way to make sure you’re the last person in a suburb to be stuck with a vacant rental property. Forget vacancies, you’ll discover how to get top rents and almost never be stuck with an empty property

  • And the strategy she taught Tania, who broke free from a job she hated and made $117,000 income from one deal … even though she didn’t qualify for a bank loan

Free 1 Day Online Women Of Property Summit


Saturday 18th September

9:30 AM TO 6:00 PM



Tamara Read

Too Busy To Invest? This Ingenious Strategy Creates Big Chunks Of Cash Fast.

Dr. Tamara Read is a former environmental scientist who always wanted more from life.

She wanted more free time. She wanted more money.

And she wanted to be the kind of mum to her 2 baby boys who was around to raise and nurture them.

She desperately wanted to soak up every moment with them as they grew and reached every milestone.

Her solution?

Tamara came up with an unusual yet highly effective way of creating mega-paydays.

And a way of doing them so she was hauling in several of these paydays a year.

The Surprising Reason Why This Works Best For People Who Are Busy

Get this.

What Tamara shows you works best for people who are busy.

That’s because people with too much time on their hands try and mess around with her system.

And it doesn’t work as well.

That’s why Tamara’s best results take the least amount of her time. And people she has shown this to find the exact same thing.

Follow the system and get the result.

Speaking of results, check out some of her big winners.

No Experience? That Won’t Stop you … Here’s Why.

Just like busy people, this works even better for people with no experience in property.

I know, it sounds weird but if Tamara teaches you from scratch and your mind won’t be polluted with wrong information.

If you’re the kind of person who can follow a system without messing it up, this could be perfect for you.

Here’s some of what Tamara is going to reveal to you.

  • Did you see Tamara’s profits? $125k … $35k … $65k … $280k … $250k … $220k … $420k … even $600k. She’s showing how she did it and how you can potentially do it too

  • The secret to becoming a highly paid developer while you’re still working … works even if you can’t get a bank loan. Once you see this, you’ll realise big payday might be just around the corner for you

  • The one tactic which potentially creates huge paydays with minimum risk.

  • Too busy to scratch yourself? Tamara gives you a simple tactic which eliminates 95% of the work. Imagine setting up 6 figure paydays … and easily fitting it in around your daily routine

  • Christine’s story – how a working mum of 2 kids and ZERO property knowledge created a whopping $396,000 profit on her first ever deal. Imagine how much of a dent that would make in your mortgage and your other debts.

  • How Jo, a single mum of 3 kids who didn’t quality for a loan did a development and made $220,000. Before this, her job kept her so busy she barely had time to think about her finances, yet once she bit the bullet she discovered options she never knew she had

  • The inspiring story of Basia. She and her husband were suffering a physical, emotional and mental decline from their busy business. No wonder when they did their first project and made an eye-watering $900,000 profit their lives changed instantly. This is life-changing, and Tamara will show you how it’s done

Free 1 Day Online Women Of Property Summit


Saturday 18th September

9:30 AM TO 6:00 PM



Nicolle Beer

This ‘Hidden Market’ Made Her Rich – Yet Almost No-one Talks About It

Sadly a lots of people have been sucked into thinking ANY property investment is the magic pill to solve their problems.

Nicolle Beer and her husband James fell for this lie too.

And they blindly followed the ‘experts’ down the wrong path.

As a result, the young couple ended up LOSING $60,000 a year from their portfolio.

That’s over $1,000 a week pouring out of their bank account.

No wonder they were desperate for a solution.

Then They Stumbled Across A Special Way To Create Equity And Cashflow From Commercial Property.

Unlike old-school residential investing, commercial property handed them positive cashflow from day one.

That’s money in their bank account which was their to spend, regular as a Swiss watch.

Their leases were longer and they never had to worry about vacancies, or unexpected maintenance for that matter.

And suddenly, getting finance from the banks was like a walk in the park.

Here, check out their first deal.

What they did on this property increased it’s value by an astonishing $680,000.

And it created a brand new $55,000 yearly income for them.

If That Wasn’t Enough, Their Second Deal Was Even Better

Their second deal saw them increase the equity in a commercial property by $1,005,000 (yes, over a million dollars) …

… and gave them another $80,000 yearly income.

That’s $135,000 In Extra Income On Just Their First Two Deals.

And at Women Of Property, Nicolle is going to show you how she and James did it.

Here’s what Nicolle is going to show you …

  • Myths and lies about commercial property which scare amateur investors. It’s why investors who know the facts are cleaning up in this lucrative market, and why there’s so little competition in it

  • Why commercial investing delivers more cashflow than you could ever dream of getting from conventional residential investing. What difference will a brand new income like Nicolle’s have on your lifestyle?

  • Working two jobs? Imagine being able to replace one (and eventually both) with this mega-cashflow strategy

  • Why commercial leases put all the cards in your favour. Once you’re part of the commercial-club you’ll probably never think about investing in a residential house ever again

  • Why lenders give commercial loan applications the tick of approval, and why getting approved for commercial loans is a piece of cake.

  • What Nicolle taught Vandy, and how he secured a $583,000 commercial investment which puts $86,000 in his pocket every year. His low income meant the banks would never give him a loan to buy a house … yet his commercial loan sailed through without raising an eyebrow. Find out what the secret is.

  • What Tony and Felice did to create a $390,000 profit … and a $57,000 a year passive income. The money drops into their bank account every month regular as clockwork.

  • And the uplifting and inspiring story of Susan whose financial situation meant she couldn’t get a house loan. Instead she used a special strategy which Nicolle gave her, and created $100,000 in equity plus a $42,000 yearly passive income. If this strategy got Susan into the game, it could you in there too.

Free 1 Day Online Women Of Property Summit


Saturday 18th September

9:30 AM TO 6:00 PM



Melissa Fisher

Bleeding Money – From $80,000 In Losses To Creating A Retirement Income With Her New-Found Knowledge

Melissa was a typical investor, doing exactly what she was told by the investment gurus.

And she thought she was doing well because she had lots of assets.

But she was bleeding money. $80,000 in losses a year to be precise.


That was, until she sat in a room one day listening to one of my presentations. And I hit her right between the eyes with my message.

I Told Melissa To Front Up And Deal With Her Losses. Here’s What Happened Next

Melissa realised she was going nowhere, and she needed to deal with losing money every month.

And instead they switched their strategy from losing money and hoping for capital growth … to creating capital growth and positive cashflow.

$200,000 in capital growth plus an $8,000 income

This deal made them $200,000 in equity with $8,000 a year positive income.

They did this by building the house and holding it long term.

It’s a smart idea because then they did the same on this commercial property.

$220,000 in capital growth plus a $48,000 income

This commercial project made them $220,000 in equity with a $48,000 a year positive income.

That’s an extra $4 thousand a month.

What could you do with this kind of money? It’s probably enough to cover a fair chunk, maybe even all your mortgage. Gone, just like that.

Listen, if you think you can’t do this then think again.

The way they did this project meant they didn’t need to be builders, they didn’t need a trade background, in fact they didn’t need any construction skills whatsoever.

You’ll find out why on the summit.

$400,000 profit plus a $100,000 income

Speaking of high profits, this deal made them a $400,000 profit and a $100,000 a year income.

All by shuffling around a few bits of paper.

That’s what I’m talking about, being able to spot opportunities which nobody else can see because only you know how to find them.

Made $800,000 Profit From This Deal

Normally if you said ‘housing estates’ I’d tell you to run a mile.

But that only as an investment.

Melissa got in early on a deal and made a Blitzkrieg raid on it.

And what she did made her a mouth-watering $800,000 in cold hard cash.

That’s not all.

Here are some of Melissa’s other deals. Check these out for fast profits and huge cashflow.

It’s Melissa’s Favourite Cashflow Strategy And Most Investors Don’t Know About It

This has to be one of the best strategies for easy cashflow you’ll ever come across.

It’s storage units.

You might think I’m crazy, but storage units are like an ATM where money keeps coming out at you every month.

And you virtually never have to lift a finger to keep it running.

How much is Michelle making from her storage project?

Michelle is putting $57,090 a year in her pocket, and best of all you can do this in big cities, and you can do it in small country towns too.

She showed this to Kristi, one of her students too.

Divorced With No Income. Let Me Tell You About Kristi

When Kristi got divorced she was in deep trouble.

She walked away with a house, but she had no job and the money from the sale wouldn’t last forever.

Kristi had a choice.

Either get a job … or put the money to good use.

Lucky for Kristi she had Michelle showing her the ropes.

Kristi acquired a vacant block and built 77 storage sheds on it, and rented them out.

And yes, they rented out fast. The demand for storage is mind boggling.

Businesses, downsizer, retirees, all sorts of people are desperately looking for more space.

The result?

A $42,000 Passive Income From Day One.

Plus she’s adding more storage sheds at the moment which is going to increase her income even more.

And now she knows how to do it, she can go anywhere in Australia and do the same thing again and create more and more incomes.

You don’t even need to be in the same city or state to do projects like these.

You see … Kristi lives in Perth and her storage sheds are in Queensland!

There are so many locations crying out for more storage … you’ll never run out of high cashflow deals to do

Register Your Spot At This FREE Life Changing Event

All you need to do now is secure your seat to this ground breaking Women Of Property Event.

This is the first time ever anything like this has ever run in Australia.

Over 1 day, 5 amazing women are giving you the latest, cutting-edge property strategies which are working now in the market place.

And giving you a roadmap to take control of your financial destiny.

Plus We Want To Give You $699 Of Free Gifts Just For Being Part Of This Amazing Day

Free 1 Day Online Women Of Property Summit


Saturday 18th September

9:30 AM TO 6:00 PM



The Power Is In Your Hands Now

The Women Of Property are on a mission to empower women to change their circumstances and their lives.

We’re here to help you create cashflow and wealth, and protect those you love.

And this is why we’ve assembled an all-star cast of speakers and educators on investing for capital growth and equity.

Plus we’re going to show you how to protect your wealth so you’re calling the shots. And nobody can ever take it away from you or the ones you want to leave it to one day.

Plus we’ve put together $699 worth of free gifts just for being part of this special online event.

You can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

It’s an opportunity to create change in your life and the life of those around you.

A chance to change the direction of your life for the better.

And this event is free, and we’re waiting for you to join us the movement.

Yours sincerely,

Dymphna Boholt

P.S. Where will you be 30 days from now if you choose not to join?

Probably still working in a job you hate for an ungrateful boss.

Most likely earning less than the guys in the same position. Probably being overlooked for the next promotion.

Chances are you’ll be trying to make ends meet day after day, wishing you had more money flowing into your account so you had more choices in your life.

And if you’ve got kids, you know how real the struggle is when you have to choose between earning the money to raise them or spending time with them.

This is a choice nobody should have to make.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way.

Join The Women Of Property and start your own personal revolution.

Your Questions Answered

Who is the Women Of Property Summit for?

The women of property summit is for women who want to create huge and significant changes in their lives.

It’s for women who want to create cashflow, have more fun, and to protect their families.

Why is the Women Of Property Summit free?

The Women Of Property Summit is free so you can gain the skills to set your life on a brand new course.

We want you to become the amazing person you truly are. And to change the world by empowering women like you to stand up and make a difference.

Can men attend this event?


Usually it’s the guys bringing us girls along for the ride.

Well now it’s your turn to drag him along to something important.

And I know he’s going to love it too, especially when you see how you can do it together as a couple instead of doing it alone.

Just so you know, all our presenters are happily married and building incredible lifestyles together as couples.

So absolutely, bring him along. He’s more than welcome.

Will this be a pitch-fest?

Each of our speakers is also a mentor in a powerful community of investors. And each of them is delivering hard-hitting, actionable content you can use.

During the day you’ll get the chance to join this community, and to gain even more education.

There’s no pressure to do so. This event is about helping you get smarter and more informed after spending one day with these amazing women.

However if you want to continue the journey and get extra help, coaching and support there will be an offer to do so on the day.

What will I get out of the Summit?

You’ll get strategies to create cashflow and wealth from investing which can potentially transform your lifestyle.

The new income on offer could be the solution to the money worries you might be having, and take you from where you are into a world where money is abundant and you’re calling the shots.

And you’ll get a treasure chest of free books and training as our gift to you.

Where does the Women Of Property Summit take place?

The summit takes place on the internet. And this means … it’s coming live direct to your place!

All you need is a quiet place, and preferably a computer with speakers or a headset.

However, you can join on a phone if you aren’t near a computer on the day.

This makes it easy to attend, and you won’t need any special technology.

Why Can’t I Get The Bonus Gifts Before The Event

We believe in rewarding women who take action on their beliefs.

And this is why we are rewarding you with so many free gifts for turning up and taking the first step to creating a brand new destiny for yourself.

During the day, you’ll be given a special website to go to and download your special bonus gifts.

PLUS we’re going to give you some extra gifts we haven’t even announced here. So make sure you turn up and play full-out all for the whole day.

Can you guarantee results?

No, we can’t guarantee your results.

We can guarantee that each speaker is a verified expert in their field. And they have the results both personally and with their students.

However, the most important part of success is turning up and doing the work.

And since we have no idea whether you’ll do the work required to succeed or not, we can’t guarantee any success.


All opinions contained on this page are of Dymphna Boholt. In the event of a student sharing their story, no remuneration was offered or paid to the student for sharing their story. The timeline and details of all student transactions have not been verified by Knowledge Source or Dymphna Boholt. The opinions contained in the letter may be short-term in nature and are subject to change. Past performance is not indicative of future results. All investments involve substantial monetary risk, including the risk of losing one's entire investment.

None of the information contained within this letter constitutes, or is intended to constitute, a recommendation by the presenter that any particular security, investment or strategy is suitable for any specific person. None of the information contained in the letter is, or is intended to be, personalized investment advice. Investments or strategies mentioned in the letter may not be suitable for all individuals. All readers of the letter should make their own independent decision regarding them. The material contained in the letter does not take into account each reader's particular investment objectives, financial situation or needs. All readers should strongly consider seeking advice from their own personal investment adviser based on their specific circumstances.

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